June 21, 2010

New Product Alert

It's amazing how many new products are released each year. But then again, it seems that just as many are discontinued each year. Does anyone remember Kellogg's cinnamon bun cereal, Jell-o pudding pops or Planters Cheese Balls? Oh how I miss each and every one of those items.

And apparently I'm learning more and more every day that Wal-mart is the place to go for new or hard to find items. While I was there a few weeks ago picking up the always hard to find bag of Mini M&Ms (the big baking size bag, not the little snack capsule) I noticed these.

That's right, these are Pretzel M&Ms!  I was quite intrigued and had to buy the bag.  A somewhat large bag.  They made it through a few days unscathed, but then my curiosity got the best of me and I had to dig in.  I can honestly say that these are just about everything you could hope for.  After deciding they would be a nice treat for any blondie recipe, I whipped up some blondie bars that included creating a pretzel flour of sorts.  I failed to take any photos since they were consumed rather quickly, but I highly suggest making a batch of your own.

I've noticed that these are becoming more readily available, so if you are one who tries to avoid Wal-Mart at all cost, you can probably try your local grocery store.  No matter where you find them, please try them.  They are that perfect mix of sweet and salty!       

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