June 14, 2010

Happy Strawberry Shortcake Day

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It seems there has been a long time debate regarding Strawberry Shortcake. Biscuit or Cake. That is the question. Not so much for me though, I know that I am a biscuit lover. I am a cake lover too, just not when it comes to strawberry shortcake.

This weekend, coincidentally, was full of strawberries. We went to our cabin in Strawberry and attended the annual Strawberry Festival. Now usually when we are in town for the festival, I require stopping at the Strawberry Lodge, one of three restaurants in our little town, for Strawberry Pie. However last year, pie was such a hot commodity for the festival, that I decided to make dessert at the house and avoid all the fuss. And with National Strawberry Shortcake day, I decided it would be the obvious choice.

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I chose a recipe for Southern Living Magazine's May 2006 edition. Since it was such a simple recipe, I only made a few changes. I actually made the shortcakes before we left, since altitude is not my baking friend, and I halved the recipe. I got 5 biscuits using the 1/3 measuring cup. I also substituted Cool Whip for fresh whipped cream. I know, sue me. But you try making fresh whipped cream in a cabin that doesn't quite play with a full deck. Example...two waffle makers but no sea salt.

Since I don't have any actual recipe changes, click here for the link to the recipe. Enjoy folks!

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