June 23, 2010

The Dollar Store Surprises

Reese's brownies

I am an equal opportunity shopper. Sure I have my favorite locations (Sprouts, Trader Joes, Fry's), but I also love grocery shopping at somewhat obscure locations. Some of these include Marshalls and duh duh duh....the dollar store. I will say that I am partial to a certain dollar store, one called 99 Cents Only. It's one of the cleanest and has the biggest variety of any chain I've visited so far. They have a huge variety of food items, which always makes me happy.

brownie mix and candy

I was visiting a few weeks ago, and picked up a snack size brownie mix. I figured the box would come in handy, and it did this weekend. Because I was going to be out of town for Father's Day, I wanted to make my dad something special for Sunday. We celebrated Saturday, but I wanted to leave him with something for the actual day. Before I left Saturday night, and while he was at a reunion, I made brownies using the mix and a Reeses candy bar. I loved the mix because it was for an 8x8 pan, perfect for a treat for my father.

I highly suggest heading to the dollar store just to look around and see what they have. Feel free to buy anything you'd like...the price is definitely right!

gooey brownies

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