April 23, 2010

Cupcakes Fit For A Princess

cupcake pebble treats

The other day while I was laying out in the backyard, I was thumbing through a Real Simple magazine when I came across a cereal ad. Now, as most people who know me well can tell you, I am a big cereal fan. In fact, there have been multiple occasions when I have received cereal as a gift. I love getting cereal as a present. No, seriously. It doesn't matter what kind, I love me some cereal. So when I came across a certain ad for Cupcake Pebbles, I was quite intrigued. Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles rarely make it in my cereal bowl, but I couldn't help but wonder if the ad was true. Could this cereal really taste like cupcakes?

I realized that the ad also contained a recipe for cupcake pebble treats, essentially rice krispy treats with frosting, and I was convinced I needed to try these. But finding the actual cereal was a bit of a challenge. I tried two of our major grocery stores in town, Fry's and Safeway, but couldn't track them down. But then I had an epiphany...Wal-Mart. This is for sure a cereal for Wally World. And guess what? They had it.

I decided to give the recipe a try, and my overall opinion of these is as follows: While they look cute, you certainly don't need Cupcake Pebbles to make these. The cereal alone does taste like cake batter, but once you add the marshmallows, they just taste like an extra sweet rice krispy treat. And of course once I added the frosting, that's pretty much all I tasted. I could have gone all fancy with a homemade buttercream, but let's be real. Something like this called for canned frosting. I used rainbow chip. I'm a little bit obsessed with rainbow chip frosting. I could really use a support group. I don't think I'll be making these again, but I'm glad I tried them once. And hey, now I can say that I've tried Cupcake Pebbles for the first, and probably the last time.

Since they weren't a winner, and I copied the recipe exactly from the ad, I've decided not to post it here. If you're curious, feel free to click here to find it.

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