April 12, 2010

Coming To You Live

For you newbie readers...here's the deal.  My life is complicated.  It wasn't always, but it took a crazy swerve-so-you-don't-hit-that-deer kind of turn in October 2008 when my boyfriend joined the United States Marine Corp as a Reserve Officer.  Let's just say the military causes your life to feel very out of your control.  Now it's not a bad thing, and I try to not complain too much, but it just means you have a bigger roller coaster to ride.

The latest swerve had to do with our house.  I hate to bore you with the long drawn out version, so I'll make it really simple.  If you want to ask questions later, feel free, but this is the bare bones of what you need to know...

We rented out the house we he owns and while he searches for a job back east near his base,
I am living with my parents.

There.  I've admitted it.  Although I kind of wish they had a basement.  They I could introduce myself as "Hi, My name is Deutsch Girl and I live in my parent's basement."  It's not nearly as fun as what I should say.  "Hi, my name is Deutsch Girl and I live in the spare room at my parent's house with french doors to the backyard, a walk-in closet and a beautiful one-of-a-kind bed frame." 

See?  I really don't have it all that bad.  And to show you that in fact, I have it pretty darn good, here's a glimpse of my 11ft x 12ft space and beyond.

Here she is.  The house my parents bought when they moved back to Arizona in the spring of 2002.  Originally built in 1958, it's been completely remodeled.  Most recently?  The kitchen.  She's gorgeous.

my temporary house

Speaking of.  Beautiful cabinetry, built-in oven (that barely holds a cookie sheet), deep sink and bright paint.

amazing kitchen

The view from the door.  Isn't it cute?  Maybe a little cramped looking due to adding some furniture, but I still love it.

my bedroom

The bedframe came from a store in Las Vegas.  My mom bought it on a whim my senior year of high school.  In fact, it was my first bed that was bigger than a twin. The painted window came with it.  I use the words "came with it" loosely.  I think that was just her excuse.

I picked out this desk back in 2002.  It came from a European furniture dealer and it's 100% european antique.  Better than that Ikea stuff any day. Oh, and yes, that is in fact a bottle of champagne on my desk. You never know when you might need a bottle of champagne, so I keep one there for good measure.

european desk

Those doors I mentioned earlier.  Perfect.  They even have screens so you can open them without letting the flies, or in our case turtles, into the room.

french doors

Speaking of those pesky turtles.

August 26th

My mom bought these vases at some point, and I am pretty sure she added the flowers herself.  And if she didn't, I'm still giving her credit for it.  She's definitely capable, so mom, if you are reading this, don't tell anyone if you didn't really make these.  Your secret is safe with you.


The bathroom.  This could have been the ugliest room in the whole house when my parents moved it.  Sorry parents, but in my mind peach and old lady blue flowered wallpaper, blue cabinets and antique colored fixtures constitute ugly in my book.  They were gracious enough to fix it up, and now I love it.

the pottery barn bathroom

There's a photo on the wall with the door.  That's my mom on the left and one of her sisters on the right.  They were in a home builder's campaign back when they were kids.  They are having a tea party in the closet, because the builder's closets were that big...or at least that was they were trying to say.

an old photo

So that pretty much sums up my space.  Now you can see where all my magificant brainstorming, or more like random thought vomit, comes from.  Ta Ta for now!


Emily said...

I love your room! This house looks lovely. It was built in the same year my parents were born.

I especially love the kitchen!

mom said...

Thank you for making our cozy little home look so cute.