May 07, 2010

I Eat On My Vacations

snow on the front gate

After our trip to Disneyland, I had three days of work, and then we were off again to the cabin. The cabin is owned by my grandparents, but they are incredibly gracious with it, and everyone has a key, and everyone can use it. It’s also one of Captain America’s favorite places as well, and he was the one who had initially requested the visit. My favorite thing about going to the mountains is I don’t have to do anything. Except the dishes. Our cabin is minus a dishwasher. But it does have avocado green appliances. I bet you thought those were just for movies.

I had planned a pretty simple, and extremely unhealthy menu for the trip. Going to the cabin requires some strategic planning on my part. You want your meals to be simple, and not require a lot of fancy cookware. Because we just don’t have it. The cabin is where the family’s kitchen things go to die. Or really, it’s more like an old folks home. I use it as my excuse to eat the food I wouldn’t normally eat. I mean pasta or baked potatoes are much easier to cook than say pan grilled chicken with mango salsa. Let’s just say the fewer ingredients needed, the better.

First thing Thursday morning, I headed to the grocery store while Captain America finished up some work he had to do before we left the internet possessing world. I really should not be allowed to grocery shop by myself. Especially on an empty stomach. Among other things, here are some of my purchases:

1 lb. yogurt covered pretzels
12 pack of beer
sharp cheddar cheese
hot pepper cheese
cinnamon toast crunch
frosted flakes
lil smokies
cinnamon rolls (2 packages!)
crescent rolls
frozen chicken tenders
peanut butter cookie dough
chocolate chip cookie dough

See where this is going? After a mini lunch of our Cheesecake Factory leftovers (friend mac and cheese bites for me, chicken parm sandwich for Captain America) we headed north for the mountains. Of course, at the one and only descent sized town between us and the cabin, I needed Wendy’s. A frosty, fries, and a jr. bacon cheeseburger kind of need. It was delicious. The dog thought so too. He ate a few fries. No frosty though. He’s already had one bout with chocolate and we don’t need to go through that again.

When we were about 15 minutes to our destination, it started snowing. I love snow. A LOT. I took it as an omen to eat whatever I wanted the next 4 days. And I did. That pound of yogurt pretzels…completely gone. Cinnamon rolls, both packages…gone. Cinnamon toast crunch…pretty much ate the entire box alone. Cookie dough…both raw and cooked. Ritz Crackers…at least two sleeves.

it's snowing!

I do admit that I overbought and we didn’t eat everything, so at least there’s that. Other than eating we watched a ton of movies, mostly bad, and watched some sports and of course the Derby. Stupid Captain America picked the winning horse, while my choice came in somewhere around 10th. While the cabin doesn’t have internet, we do have cable, so we aren’t complete shut-ins. We went for a walk with the dog, and went to a goat farm that makes cheese and fudge and stuff. I must say that I was pretty sad to leave Sunday morning, but I am glad to be back in a house with a dishwasher.

I wish I could have used the time away from my day job to bake for you guys, but the altitude doesn’t do any favors to baked goods, so stay tuned next Monday for something new. I’ll give you a hint…it’s for breakfast!

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