May 05, 2010

Eating My Way Through Disneyland

The Star

Sorry for my extended absence…I thought that I could vacation and write, but being lazy and watching movies and eating my weight in yogurt covered pretzels managed to consume me the last 10 days. Oh and that pesky other half that was here managed to do a pretty good job of preventing me from blogging. Well, him and a lack of internet.

As for my other half, I've made the executive decision that he needs a good code name. If you are a fan of the Pioneer Woman like I am, you know she refers to her hubby as Marlboro Man, or MM for short. I’m not against calling him by his first name, but really, every good boyfriend needs a nickname. I think I will go with Captain America, or CA for short. Yup, it’s perfect. It goes with my Old Navy shirt that reads "My boyfriend is a super hero" with Captain America in the middle. Yes, I own that, and yes I am that cool. And yes, he only likes to take self portraits, anything else he considers torture.

Main Gate

Almost 2 weeks ago now, I drove to California to pick up Captain America and head to Disneyland. Other than his flight getting cancelled, getting another one, having to pick him up at LA instead of Orange County, missing dinner plans with one of my dear friends, and his luggage being lost for 3 days, it went off without a hitch.

At least the actual Disneyland portion was fun. I had high hopes of documenting my mega-consumption of their many delectable treats, but alas, photography was lacking on our adventure. So instead I thought I would give you a little rundown. Please feel free to criticize, but I’m sure it’s only because you are jealous.

A Pre-Mouse Breakfast
Breakfast was served at the hotel for free, which was one of the reasons that I picked it, so we started off on the right foot. Well, I’m not sure right is the correct thing to say. I started with half a crumb donut and some generic cheerios. That and a handful of yogurt covered pretzels. Captain America managed to eat the other half of my donut, two more donuts, a waffle, juice, milk and an English muffin.

Morning Snack Time
After a ride on Winnie the Pooh, I insisted to stopping into the candy shop behind Splash Mountain. I really wanted some fudge, but got distracted by the giant Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie, so I went with it. Captain America got an oreo brownie the size of my hand. In our minds, 10am is the perfect time to eat sweets. Morning snack of champions.

Captain America let me be the tour guide since he was a Disney virgin, so I chose a burger place in Critter Country. He got the bacon cheeseburger and fries, while I decided to be healthy and skip the bacon. And hey, I got Coke Zero, that’s healthy right? I swear the highlight of his day was seeing two cats when we were eating. He’s a huge cat person. I ate my entire burger, which was pretty darn good, and should have been for the price, and most of the fries. What can I say, I can eat.

Afternoon Churro Session
My favorite food at Disneyland hands down is the churro. For some reason they are so much better there than any place else. All day I wanted one, and finally I caved and went for it. Of course Captain America joined me for a tasty afternoon snack. I really wanted to go back from seconds, but decided I shouldn’t completely bust the buttons on my jeans. Oh, but before the churros and after the burgers, I did eat a candy bar.

chris and his churro

me and my churro

Dinner Time
Captain America wanted to change into pants around dinnertime, so we headed back to the hotel. He suggested we order pizza to be delivered to our room via the restaurant advertising on the back of the hotel key. This was a huge risk for me. Besides the fact that we had no menu to go off of, just a phone number and three specials, I am kind of fussy about pizza. I went with it though, and we ordered a pepperoni and sausage pizza and two orders of garlic bread. Turned out I was pleasantly surprised. The pizza was pretty darn good, and we ate a lot. Please don’t be surprised at this point, you really should know me by now. Like that song…If you don’t know my by now…yeah don’t know any more of the words. But by the end of dinner, there was no garlic bread in sight, and not a lot of pizza left either.

The Night Cap
Now for the letdown of the evening. After we went back, watched the fireworks, and rode the remaining rides on our list, I really wanted ice cream. As we were walking back through Main Street, we walked into the ice cream parlor and it smelled like heaven. Freshly made waffle cone heaven. But the line was long, and Captain America was cold since he had no sweatshirt since he had no luggage, and I didn’t want to make him wait 30 minutes for a scoop of ice cream. So I figured we’d just stop at one of the little convenience stores that were between Disneyland and the hotel and I’d get a pre-packaged ice cream sandwich or something. But then when we got there, Captain America said he didn’t want anything, and then I started to feel guilty and so I didn’t get anything either. BIG MISTAKE. So instead I went back to the hotel and ate Cheez-its and more yogurt covered pretzels. So there.

* * * * * * * *

And that pretty much covers our day. I could tell you about all the wonderful things I ate on the way there, and on the drive back, but I will choose to avoid that embarrassment. I will say that I did get my ice cream cookie sandwich on the way home though. I think it had over 30 grams of fat. And it was the best ice cream sandwich cookie I’ve ever had.

On another note, please stay tuned on Friday for installment number two…The Cabin. Affectionately know as “How I ate my way out of the snow and into a diet”.

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