March 26, 2010

Introducing "Me"

Welcome Freuden!  In order to get better acquainted before we start on this journey we all call obsessive blog reading...oh wait, the obsessive part is just me, carry on my liebes... I thought I would introduce myself.

Oh but wait, I've already used two German words that most people who didn't live in Germany, because let's be honest German is not a commonly used language in the Americas, might not know.  First came freuden which means friends.  Second came liebes which means loves, as in darling or sweetheart.  Remember that word.  I plan on using it a lot.  In fact, if that's the only German word you ever learn from my antics, remember it.  It's a good one.

The baby and the pudding
Before we continue, I have to show everyone this photo. This is me, at 3 months old, eating pudding with my dad. Apparently you aren't supposed to give 3 month old babies puddies these days. But I think this gives you pretty good glimpse into my life. Don't worry, I plan on discussing the topic in detail later.

***I take this opportunity to write this little disclaimer...I am not a master of the German language...far from it.  If my grammer is wrong, and it often will be, don't bother to correct me.  I'm not saying this to be mean, but I'm lucky I can remember the vocabulary.  I mean who puts all the verbs at the end of the sentence?  And really, grammer is overrated.  Sorry grammer nazis, but when you are learning your third language, it all starts to run together.  There.  I've said my piece.***

Instead of doing a nice long boring paragraph (and I'm being honest when I say I can write a mean run-on paragraph.  I mean really...have you read the above two yet?) a 50 item list will have to suffice.  Don't want to read all 50 things about me?  Honestly I don't really blame you...but I might surprise you.  You might find me incredibly charming, talented and intriguing.  On the other hand you might find me crazy, detestable and boorish.  Please just don't tell me if it's the latter.  I'd really rather not know my readers think ill of me.  So with that drum roll please...............
  1. Am an only child.
  2. Won a poetry contest in 4th grade.
  3. Brussell sprouts are not my friend.
  4. Dad was a rodeo clown.
  5. Can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order.
  6. Incredibly accurate with a .22.
  7. Spent sophomore year of college in Germany.
  8. Speaks a touch of German, but speaking it out loud makes me very nervous.
  9. Hate and refuse to eat rice.
  10. Unless it's in sushi.
  11. Was on the university dance team.
  12. Years 10-18 were spent living in Las Vegas.
  13. Weighs approximately 15 lbs. less than I did in high school.
  14. Lost 30 pounds since leaving Germany.
  15. Can and will eat an entire tube of Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls in one sitting.
  16. Trys to find the best pancakes in every city.
  17. Worrys about the next meal while or before eating the current one on every vacation.
  18. Took 7 years of Spanish and still turn red when I speak it out loud.
  19. Been to Hawaii 3 times but never the Caribbean.
  20. Can fall asleep anywhere.
  21. Is buying an antique pie safe as my next piece of furniture.
  22. Can't live without Tivo
  23. Played Wendy in my high school's version of Peter Pan
  24. Got to fly with wires.
  25. Won a baking contest in high school.
  26. Believes my great aunt's potato casserole could solve the world's problems.
  27. Has never made cinnamon rolls from scratch, but it dying to try.  Did this last week :)
  28. Loves surfing but is deathly afraid of sharks.
  29. Drives a very practical sedan.
  30. Is the proud mother of one very spoiled, very loving chihuahua / italian greyhound mix.
  31. He might have more clothes than I do.
  32. My closet is color coded.
  33. Was in a sorority and loved it.
  34. Jumped in a pool backwards, hit my chin, and now have a 24 year old scar to prove it.
  35. Thinks one can never have enough baking pans.
  36. Can't figure out how to bake a whole chicken and like it.
  37. Doesn't like ketchup except on hashed browns.
  38. Thinks family events are the best.
  39. Have never been able to touch my toes.
  40. Think running and crossfit are the best things since sliced bread.
  41. Could ride a horse by myself at age 2.
  42. Thinks you can save the drama for yo mama
  43. Cannot throw away food if it's still good.
  44. Want to own a bakery/pizza parlor/antique shop/winery/cheese shop one day.
  45. Rarely uses measuring spoons...I just wing it.
  46. Have two cats with military names.
  47. Live with my parents, but just temporarily.
  48. Have a stigma that wearing my hair up is unacceptable.
  49. Loves the beach but hates sand.
  50. Could spend my life savings on cheese. 


Jessica B said...

Oh goodie, I am the first to comment. I love the new blog and can't wait to see what you write about. After tomorrow you will be a master photographer so I expect lots of pictures. :)

Meg said...

#5 - me too
#19 - where I feel in love with rummikub...sweet memories.
#21 - What is a pie safe?
#32 - me too
#44 - Cheese store?... Sounds smelly.